Science in Year 3

In science we have been learning about magnets. We have discovered which materials are magnetic and we were all surprised that some coins are magnetic and some coins are not. The children wanted to investigate if the shape of the magnet altered its strength. In the end, we decided our test was not fair because we changed the size of the magnet as well as the shape.

Computing 3J

We have been writing algorithms in Year 3 and testing them using robots. After we had made some mistakes and debugged our algorithms, we managed to get the robot to follow a path successfully.

Welcome to this Year's Year Three Blog

Hi everyone,

We have been planning to get the blogs going but it has taken us since September to get going - apologies!

Now it is started we will try and keep regular posts on here with either useful information like the spellings or examples of the learning we have been doing in Year 3.

Many thanks,

Mr Johnson & Mrs Meads